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National Summer Session 2014

Welcome ALL School Alumni & Fielding Alumni Network Members

2014 marks Fielding Graduate University’s 40th Anniversary, and the All Schools National Session 2014 great opportunity to rediscover what made Fielding “home” for you and to renew your lifelong connection to this special community. Together with members of the Fielding Alumni Council, we have scheduled some unique, professional, and social activities especially for alumni attending this university-wide national session. Listed below is information on the Alumni Track, the Alumni Lounge and the Alumni Reception. We hope you will take the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues from other disciplines, build your professional network, and enjoy your time on our “virtual campus.”


Alumni attend sessions and events at a discounted fee of $150. This allows access to various seminars and events scheduled by any of the three schools along with all alumni events. Registration closes promptly at 9:00 am PDT on Friday, May 2, 2014. After that date a late fee of $50 will apply.

Clinical and Media Psychology Alumni

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HOD and ELC Alumni

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Featured Events for Alumni:


This year’s Alumni Track is packed full of intellectually stimulating topics that are relevant across all schools. The following presentations were carefully selected the Fielding Alumni Council.  All sessions are open to all alumni and students. Check the schedule for dates and times. Registration is required.

  • The Altered State of Human Experience: Conflict and communication of global religious/spiritual experiences in the digital techno-machine world
    • Theresa James (ELC ’13)
  • Comprehensive Evaluations of Brain Function
    • Ricardo Weinstein, PhD (Neuropsychology Post-Doctoral Certification ‘08)
  • Getting Back on Track: Coaching strategies to help women leaders thrive in the face of derailment
    • Kevin Nourse, PhD (HOD ’09) and Lynn Schmidt, PhD(HOD ’09)
  • Building Communities for Systemic Change for Authentic Racial Inclusion
    • Joyce A. Caldwell, PhD, (HOD ’09) and Joan M. Buccigrossi (HOD ’13)
  • Giving Employees a Choice During a Transformation: The results
    • Keri Ohlrich, PhD (HOD ’11)
  • The Experience of Being a Social Justice Educator
    • Cheri Gurse, PhD (HOD ’13)
  • Getting Smarter, Faster
    • James B. Webber, PhD  (HOD ’03) and John J. Barnett, PhD (HOD ’94)
  • Integrating Three Communities of Practice as Scholar Practitioners
    • Anne Litwin (HOD’ 08) and Ilene Wasserman (HOD ’04)
  • Rumi’s Poetry: Journey toward meaning and transformation
    • Fariba Enteshari (ELC ’13)


  • Lessons from Military Psychology: organizational strategy, ethics, and mental health in high-stress environment
    • PANELISTS: Joseph Troiani, PhD (PSY, ‘92) Stephen Redmon, PhD (HOD ‘13) Barton Buechner, PhD (HOD ‘14)
  • Coaching Across the Fields: Uses, tips, and collaborative implementations
    • PANELISTS: Heidi Maston, EdD (ELC ’11,) Howard Fox, MA (HOD ’10), and John Hoover, PhD (HOD ’97)


Thursday, July 17th 5:00- 7:00 pm

Return to the biggest alumni party of the year! It is that time of year where graduates who have completed their academic journey at Fielding Graduate University are invited to return to the All School National Session Alumni Reception to connect, collaborate, and celebrate!

Registration required.


 Friday, July 18th  5:30-7:30 pm

Alumni are invited to make new connections, renew friendships, and get their “Fielding Fix” in an informal space reserved expressly for you! No registration required, all you need is your name tag with your alumni ribbon to join at your leisure.

We look forward to seeing you there!




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University Relations Update

  • It is with create excitement and anticipation that we would like to share the good new that summer session 2014 will take place in Rosemont (a community close to Chicago, Illinois) at the Westin O’Hare hotel.  This decision based on the following values: Student Centered Education.  Based on longitudinal data, program delivery task force recommendations,[.....]

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